Atelier de lancement du projet: Rapport Biennal sur la Transparence au titre de la CCNUCC et de l'Accord de Paris


Cet atelier de lancement des activités de préparation du plan de mise en oeuvre (PIP) du projet " Rapport Biennal sur la Transparence au titre de la CCNUCC et de l'Accord de Paris. Il permettra aux participants d'être informés sur les activités du projet afin de s'approprier et d'adhérer aux mécanismes de leur mise en oeuvre. Il se tiendra le 24 mai 2023 à la Détente Restaurant Snack Bar.

Objectifs d'Aichi
4.1. Governments, business and stakeholders at all levels have taken steps to achieve, or have implemented, plans for sustainable production and consumption
4.2. Have kept the impacts of use of natural resources well within safe ecological limits
5.1. The rate of loss of forests is at least halved and where feasible brought close to zero
5.3. Degradation and fragmentation are significantly reduced
10.2. Multiple anthropogenic pressures on other vulnerable ecosystems impacted by climate change or ocean acidification are minimized, so as to maintain their integrity and functioning
14.1. Ecosystems that provide essential services, including services related to water, and contribute to health, livelihoods and well-being, are restored and safeguarded
15.2. At least 15 per cent of degraded ecosystems are restored, contributing to climate change mitigation and adaptation, and to combating desertification
24 May 2023