Conférence d'Afrique, Caraïbes et Pacifique sur la COP15 CBD et COP19 CITES


La Commision de l'Union Africaine, en collaboration avec les Etats d'Afrique, des Caraïbes et du Pacifique (OACPS), la CARICOM pour les Caraïbes et le SPREP pour le Pacifique  organisent une conférence de haut niveau d'Afrique, Caraïbes et Pacifique sur la mise en oeuvre des résultats de la COP15-CBD et de la COP19-CITES qui se tiendra au siège de l'Union Africaine sis à Addis Abeba  en Ethiopie du 30 mai au 2 juin 2023.


Objectifs d'Aichi
1.1. People are aware of the values of biodiversity
1.2. People are aware of the steps they can take to conserve and sustainably use biodiversity
2.1. Biodiversity values integrated into national and local development and poverty reduction strategies
2.4. Biodiversity values incorporated into reporting systems
3.1. Incentives, including subsidies, harmful to biodiversity, eliminated, phased out or reformed in order to minimize of avoid negative impacts
3.2. Positive incentives for conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity developed and applied
4.1. Governments, business and stakeholders at all levels have taken steps to achieve, or have implemented, plans for sustainable production and consumption
4.2. Have kept the impacts of use of natural resources well within safe ecological limits
5.1. The rate of loss of forests is at least halved and where feasible brought close to zero
5.2. The loss of all habitats is at least halved and where feasible brought close to zero
6. Sustainable management of marine living resources
6.2. Recovery plans and measures are in place for all depleted species
7. Sustainable agriculture, aquaculture and forestry
8. Pollution reduced
9. Invasive alien species prevented and controlled
10. Pressures on vulnerable ecosystems reduced
C. Safeguarding ecosystem
12. Extinction prevented
13. Genetic diversity maintained
D. Enhancing benefits from biodiversity and ecosystem services
14. Ecosystems and essential services safeguarded
16. Nagoya Protocol in force and operational
17. NBSAPs adopted as policy instrument
17.3. NBSAPs are being implemented
19. Knowledge improved, shared and applied
20. Financial resources from all sources increased
30 May - 02 June 2023